My mother is in the hospital with pneumonia and it sucks. But she is getting better. She will be there for probably another week though as she is 90, has a bad heart and bad kidneys and they need to keep closer eye on her than the nursing home can as long as she is on strong antibiotics. Biggest problem is the hospital is 16 miles away and going there twice a day is exhausting. My younger brother would be able to pick up some of the slack but at the moment he is on his way to Mexico to attend his youngest son's wedding. They just left today and won't be back until the 9th so I'm it for the time being. Will also be working extra to cover for my sis in law and BFF as they are both going to the wedding. Luckily a former employee has come back to help out. When they get back from Mexico another lady will have back surgery and not sure how long she will be out. It's only a convenience store but some days people just really suck and I've worked there part time since I moved back to Nebraska to take care of mom. God forbid my nickname there is "old reliable", sigh. I can't bring myself to tell my sis in law who is manager no that I don't want to work any more. Oh well such is life.
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Here's wishing a very Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, or whatever you celebrate at this time of year.
Here's also wishing each and everyone a very safe and happy New Year.
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Robin Williams

I feel bereft. Robin Williams was one of my favorite actors. He had a range of emotions that very few can match. One consolation is that I picture Robin and Johnathan Winters in heaven having a great time making each other laugh.Mrs-Doubtfire-1993
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I was in Chicago for a week starting on the 16th. I went to see Billy Joel in concert and it was awesome. The night before I left to come home I went to a Cubs game...they won 6-0 with 3 home runs. Had a great time in between sight seeing.
Got home to a hot water heater that died and came down with a cold.
Also the register computer system died at work so got back last Wednesday and then worked through Monday night. Off yesterday and today. Starting to feel better so I need to go visit my mom at the nursing home. She is probably missing her dog more than me. Will see. Didn't want to go over when I was sick and spread it around to the residents.
Hopefully things will start getting better.
Have a great week.
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You were born during a Third Quarter moon

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I'm going to Chicago in July at the moment from 7/16 to 7/26. I may have to change those dates but depends on work. If I do change it will be the 12th to the 20th. I'm going to the Billy Joel concert at Wrigley stadium. I'm wondering if any of you are familiar with the area around the stadium and can recommend a reasonably priced hotel. I will probably be flying into Midway and will probably have to take a cab to the hotel as those with airport shuttles are a bit to rich for me.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
JJ aka azulkan2
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